Sound Sleep Cocoon – Dermalogica

Sound Sleep Cocoon – Dermalogica

sleep cacoonI am so excited to share that for the 5th year running I have achieved #Dermalogica Circle and Key Account status. When all my hard work is recognised it really feels very rewarding and inspires me to keep up with personal and professional development, ensuring that I continue to give you, the very best up to date treatments, advise and service that you deserve…..

With this in mind, I have a very special NEW dermalogica product to show youdermalogica sleep

Sound Sleep Cocoon

Transformative night gel-cream optimises night-time skin recovery and repair process to transform skin by morning, along with motion-activated lavender micro-bubbles released throughout the night as you toss and turn to promote deep, restful sleep.
Are you aware 45% of the population suffer with insufficient sleep?

Sleep is vital for everyday life, lack of it interferes with our body functions and mental clarity..

Sleep is the closest we have to the fountain of youth!

Male or female, this really is the product for everyone..

Launching March 2018 RRP £76.00

If you pre-order this product  (no payment required until delivery),  I am very happy to offer a FREE 20 minutes Indian Head Massage or Reflexology which can be taken alongside any other treatment or seperately(value £20.00)

Don’t endure any more restless nights, Pre-order NOW.

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