Spring is here!

Spring is here, however I’m not sure the weather is aware of that!
dermalogicaI’m wrapped up warm in my cosy treatment room, I have just performed 5 layers of Bio Surface Peel followed by hyalauronic acid Ion Active, sealed in with the amazing clinical oatmeal masque – my skin is tingling and absolutely glowing.
I have been trialing my latest therapy – Dermapen, microneedling for the past 3 months, the latest technology in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  The results occur gradually over 30 days but the results last much longer than dermal fillers and IPL.
Its a once a month treatment repeated over 3 months for continuous production of collagen.
Now that I have completed this course I will enhance the effects with the Bio surface Peel and ion actives.  Also fantastic on acne scarring, pigmentation and stretch marks.
So if you want to take your skin treatments to a new level, please speak to me.
Oh I do love my work….
I want to explain why you need sound sleep cocoon  -
At night, skin is better able to absorb active ingredients and repair damage that has occurred during the day.  sound sleep cocoon boosts radiance by replenishing the hydration skin loses throughout the day and delivering active ingredients at night, when the skin is at its most receptive -
key benefits
  • reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality
  • visibly increases radiance by morning
  • softens and hydrates skin
  • improves and brightens skin tone
  • promotes deep, restful sleep for healthier looking skin
We all need this product!
I love it.
During March/April I am happy to offer you FREE gifts when you purchase this unique product @ £72.50
Once you sample it you will be hooked, I promise.
Final reminder 20% OFF Dermalogica RRP during March.
Just about to remove my masque and apply sound sleep cocoon for my night time relax….
Enjoy your weekend
Nancy x
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