Dermalogica 31 Day Skin Fitness Challenge

31 dayDermalogica during January 2018 decided to send out a 31 day Skin Fitness Plan, so I thought I would share them with you.  In case you didn’t catch them on my Facebook page, here are they are:

Day 1 – Time for tea? Did you know jasmine tea can actually help eczema and acne by balancing oil production? Matcha tea, along with its general health-boosting benefits, is also great for detoxifying the skin.

Day 2 – In Chinese diagnosis, eye bags and dark circles may mean your kidneys are working overtime. Up your fluids to flush out those toxins and slather on Stress + Eye Masque before bed to revitalise eyes overnight.

Day 3 – Schedule in a date night with your skin. Use this time to exfoliate and masque while you meditate and reflect on your day … or watch a box set!

Day 4 – The benefits of a cold shower are endless! Try a couple of cold water blasts this morning to boost your immune system and reduce stress levels. Let us know how you felt afterwards!


Day 5 – Show us your masque-ie! Apply a masque to nourish, hydrate, detoxify and help treat your skin!

Day 6 – Change your pillowcase often. This will keep breakout causing bacteria from building up while you sleep. Add a couple of drops of lavender oil for guaranteed

Day 7 – Your skin is unique, so let’s treat it that way. Come in for a free Face Mapping® and together, we can create a skin fitness plan personalised just for you.

Day 8 – Load up on anti-oxidants . Fight free-radical damage to help prevent skin ageing, support collagen synthesis and promote berrycellular repair.
What’s your favourite berry recipe?

Day 9 – By giving yourself a gentle facial massage, you can drain your skin of toxins and stimulate regeneration for the ultimate glow!
Apply 6 drops of PhytoReplenish Oil, breathe and enjoy our dewy DIY massage. Watch our step by step video here

 Day 10 – Beauty sleep IS a thing. Your skin needs 7 to 8 hours sleep a night in order to repair and detoxify your cells. Time to set that alarm on snooze again then…

Day 11 – Did you know you can get a skin treatment in just 10 mins?! Pop into your local Dermalogica Skin Centre today to find out more. Find your nearest Dermalogica Therapist here

Day 12 – Add some olive oil to your salad today. It’s packed with free radical fighting and anti-oxidant polyphenols. Take a leaf out of the Mediterranean book for a youthful glow. Olé!!

Day 13 – Think of something embarrassing. Do you feel your skin going a little pinker? Our skin and thoughts are closely connected and when we’re stressed it affects our skin’s ability to regenerate.  Try practising a few minutes of mindfulness every day.

Day 14 – Make sure you cleanse your skin well after you hit the gym. As we sweat our pores enlarge making our skin more susceptible to dirt and oil build-up. Our travel size products are great to keep in your gym bag!

Day 15 – Practice gratitude  - everyone looks good when they’re smiling  What three things are you grateful for today?

Day 16 – Clean your make up brushes and say goodbye to the bacteria and build-up that lead to skin irritation, breakouts and infection.
✔️ Top Tip: Use Clearing Skin Wash to disinfect your make up brushes.

Day 17 – Need a skin boost? Take 30 minutes for a ProSkin 30. A targeted treatment that can repair signs of ageing, clear breakouts, or resurface skin for a healthy glow!

Day 18 – Swap in your normal breakfast for a Vitamin C rich grapefruit. Grapefruits contain Lycopene, which will protect against free radical damage that leads to ageing.

productsDay 19 – This time of year can leave our skin feeling red and sensitive. Our new UltraCalming™ range is powerfully soothing. Perfect to protect you during those bracing winter walks.

Day 20 – Sunlight promotes the production of Vitamin D – which contributes to skin cell growth, repair and metabolism. 10 to 15 minutes in the early morning is the best time to get it

Day 21 – Exercise increases blood flow, which helps nourish skin cells by carrying away waste products, including ageing free radicals. Time to dust off the trainers!

Day 22 – Remember to take your make-up off every night Double cleanse & your skin will ❤️ you!

Day 23 – Mushrooms  are a magical skin health supplement:
1️⃣ they contain skin lightening Kojic Acid that suppresses melanin production.
2️⃣ they are rich in polysaccharides which have hydrating qualities similar to hyaluronic acid.
3️⃣ they are rich in skin-healing vitamin D, excellent for treating acne.
4️⃣ they have anti-inflammatory qualities helpful in treating eczema & rosacea

Day 24 – Hydrating your skin from the inside out helps plump fine lines and prevents dry patches. Add fruit to your water bottle to give a little more flavour! Drink up

Day 25 – Reward yourself with a ProSkin 60 treatment – the ultimate sensory experience to address all your skin concerns. Lay back, relax, and let us do the work…

Day 26 – Did you know 80-90% of ageing we see on our skin is caused by exposure to daylight! Remember to apply your broad spectrum SPF moisturiser every day. Even in the UK winter, UVA rays are causing premature ageing.

Day 27 – Getting breakouts around your chin area? In Chinese diagnosis this area links to your ovaries. Stop hormonal breakouts in their tracks with Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel.

Day 28 – Up to 90% of your household dust is your family’s dead skin cells! Rice bran exfoliates gently while also targeting pigmentation, and can be used every day!

Day 29 – Think about how many times you touch your phone a day, and then think about how many times you touch your face, or hold your phone to your face. There are up to 10 times more bacteria on your phone than a toilet seat! Take 2 seconds to wipe it down every day!

Day 30 – Eggs contain biotin which is great for healthy skin. Avocados are also full of essential fatty acids that will help to keep the top layer of our skin hydrated

Day 31 – Live a life you’re proud of, in skin that you love

Contact me today….. to get the most perfect skin ever!

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