Competition Time

This is how I spend my Sunday afternoon!
I cannot allow that ageing process to win !!

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Drawn on 1st October

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Dermapen – August 2018 offer

As always when I am not with a client I am constantly thinking about conversations I have about skin concerns and the best #dermalogica products to recommend for your individual needs and the treatment that will give the results you desire – Dermapen is a pen-like device which creates tiny punctures in the surface of the skin to prompt collagen production and elastin repair, which stimulates cell regeneration. This nourishes the skin with fresh, oxygen-rich blood cells leading to smoother and firmer skin, allowing enhanced absorption of nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin via wound healing process.  Click here  to watch my video
IMG-20180714-WA0000Acne scars, stretch marks, sun damage, skin pigmentation can all be treated.
Prevention is always better than cure.
Younger skins will benefit from 3 treatments per year whilst more mature skins may need 6, taken once a month and repeated yearly.
Combine with #dermalogica Retinol repair and Bio-lumin C serum plus SPF 50 x
Throughout August I am offering this effective results driven treatment for 100 per treatment AND
If you purchase either Overnight Retinol repair 0.5% or 1% or Bio-lumin C serum I will give you any other product with a Massive 40% Off
Take advantage of these offers NOW and give your skin a youthful healthy everlasting glow
Speak soon
Nancy x

You matter to me…

Warmed-HeartGood evening

How are you?

Enjoying this amazing, hot weather?

I have to say I would be very happy if it continued, sunshine warms the soul, don’t you think? Being outside, waking up to warmth and brightness really cheers you up.

I do believe it makes us more sociable.





I’ve been on a few courses lately, pushing social media, the Web!

It has made me realise how very lucky I am to have a career where I constantly meet people face to face.  Interacting with human beings.

I know from the clients I meet that so many now have jobs whereby you communicate via email, research via the Web, meetings carried out in front of computers.

It saddens me that this is the way of the world and it Will only get worse! IMG_1890 (1)

I love going into town to browse the shops, but sadly more local small businesses cannot compete and end up closing.. Even some of the large stores that have always been around have given in to Online shopping.

I will be a very sad person when the day comes when there are No shops to browse.

Can you imagine having No city centre stores to wander around?

This is an article sent to me that strongly resonates with myself and my business and I would like to express my very sincere thanks to you for choosing me for your precious treatments and valuable ME time and trusting in my expertise, professionalism and advice to purchase your Skincare products from me.

I am forever grateful to you as I am well aware you have options.Youre-More-Special-To-Me-Than-Youll-Ever-Know-Even-More-Than-Ice-Cream

I pledge to you that I will continue giving you the best, up to date, knowledge and advice, coupled with Loyalty schemes for both treatments and #Dermalogica products, samples, Free Gifts, payment schemes.

Without your loyalty my business most certainly would not exist…

If there is anything you would like to see done differently, your opinion means an awful lot to me, anything you would suggest I can do to discourage clients from online shopping?

I look forward to many more years of serving you.




Thank you


Love Nancy  x



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And relax….


beach relaxHow are You?
Are you looking after You?
After speaking to numerous clients I am realising more and more that we really are not taking good care of ourselves.
Have a think -
What have I eaten today? In general, is my diet healthy and nourishing?
How much water have I drank today, its extremely warm outside have I taken enough hydrating fluids?
Have a think about your emotional self -
What are your stress levels like at the moment?
When did you last do something kind for yourself..
Do you take time out to relax, relax
Or just sit with yourself..
Have you considered yoga or pilates for stretching and suppleness.
When did you last experience a relaxing treatment?
Massage for tired, aching muscles
Reflexology for insomnia, anxiety, depression or just complete re-balancing and relaxation.
Is your skin in need of  uplifting, brightening.
Take a few moments to ask yourself if you are really giving the love and care to your body and mind that you truly deserve.
Sending you warm wishes
Nancy x